With the ever-growing competitiveness of the housing market, it’s no secret that real estate has become one of the greatest investments you can make. Better yet, if you’re a homeowner, you have the opportunity to invest in home renovations, which just might hold the key to your financial freedom! Continue reading to learn how you can take advantage of a loan to invest in your home for a successful future!

Understanding How To Add Value To Your Home

Home renovations are one of the best ways to increase the value of your property. However, this added “value” may take shape in a variety many forms. 

For instance, home renovations typically provide homeowners with an effective means to financially increase the value of their property. This could be in the form of remodelling your garage or redesigning a guest bedroom; regardless, these upgrades typically help increase the overall value of your home.

On a simpler note, home renovations can provide you and your family with a more comfortable and functional house. Whether you’re looking to transform a dull basement into a functional den, or simply invest in an underused area of your house to create a more usable space, it’s difficult to see the downsides to investing in your property.

Regardless of the specific reason behind your home renovations, your investment in your property is an investment in your future. That being said, certain home renovations tend to help drive greater returns on investment (increasing the market value of your home) than others. This includes:

  • Refurbishing interior and exterior paint,
  • Remodelling your kitchen spaces and bathrooms,
  • Upgrading your storage space, cabinets, curtains, flooring, and lighting.

Whatever renovation option you decide on, it’s important to consider how you will finance your home improvement projects.

The Best Way To Finance Your Home Renovations

If you’re in dire need of capital to help finance your renovations, you could consider applying for a line of credit from a traditional lender (the Big 5 Canadian banks), relying on credit cards, or even refinancing an existing mortgage. However, the benefits of these methods come at the expense of high interest rates, unfavourable repayment terms, and strict lending requirements — these are especially difficult to manage when you have poor credit! What’s crazy is that many homeowners in need of equity often fail to consider taking advantage of their greatest strength: their home equity! 

Investing In Your Future With A Home Equity Loan!

A home equity renovation loan (or simply a home equity loan), from a specialized lender like Leap Financial, is the ideal way for homeowners to access large sums of capital to help finance whatever their home improvement plans may be. 

Home equity loans allow homeowners to tap into the “home equity” (or value) that their property has accumulated over the years. This value builds up in your property over time and is used by special lenders to help determine the amount of money you are eligible for.

Smart homeowners typically choose to apply for a home equity loan with Leap Financial over other lending methods for a variety of favourable reasons:

  • The quick and simple application process,
  • Lower interest rates when compared to fees tied to major credit cards,
  • Approval isn’t dependent on your income or credit history, but instead, the equity in your home, unlike loans from traditional lenders.

Whether your renovations require $20,000, $200,000, or more, Leap Financial can help you secure the funding you need, at the rates you deserve! No more worrying about the strenuous application processes and poor borrowing terms from traditional lenders, and start investing in your future, today.

For more information on how you can take advantage of the home equity in your house, be sure to check out our other articles! Or if you’re ready to discover how much you would qualify for with a home equity loan, take the leap and fill out our cost-free zero-obligation form, today!