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Leap Financial makes getting approved a quick and easy process! We assess the equity you have in your home and work with you to get you the funds you need, fast!

Unlike traditional banks, Leap Financial doesn’t solely focus on your income or credit score as criteria for approval of a home equity loan. Leap Financial works with you to thoroughly assess your financial situation before finding a personalized lending solution, optimized to address your needs.

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As industry leaders, we have designed a state-of-the-art lending home equity lending process, created to ensure a quick, safe, and secure experience for homeowners. Apply today to learn how much you can qualify for.

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We want to work with you! You will hear back from our team ASAP to begin working with you to ensure you get approved!

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Upon completion of our seamless lending process, your desired funds will be transferred into your account. That’s what we do!

Loan Examples

Want A Stress-Free Loan Process? Start with Leap Financial. We Are Here For You!

    How You Will Benefit From Leap Financial

    Clear Process

    The process will be easy and simple. All details will be clearly explained by our experts, and we'll walk you through the terms and conditions. We offer affordable and smooth payment options to help repair credit.

    Get Money Fast

    Once approved, you will get your money deposited into your account really quickly with a transparent process about rates and fees - we break it down for you.

    Trust & Safety

    Give you the trust, satefy and security measures through clear communication. This will be an easier process and we will make sure of it with no hidden fees.

    We're Confidential

    Serve and guide any concerns or questions you have - we know how important this is to you. We have a trusted 100% compliant and confidential team who specialize in home equity loans.

    *Disclosure on “Loan Examples” Above

    Leap Financial is a transparent organization and provides full disclosure on all loan offerings. All the above examples are for discussion purposes only. It is important the reader is aware that the examples may represent the lower priced range of our product offerings. Rates on our loans are subject to change and may vary based on the equity you have in real estate, the state / condition / location of your real estate, your personal financial situation, and the Canadian mortgage market. The examples are all based on interest only monthly payments (you may elect to pick a shorter amortization to pay off your loan sooner)
    The Cash Advance in all the loans above represents the net amount of money to be received. The “Gross Amount” for the $50,000 / $100,000 / $250,000 loans in the examples above are $54,750 / $105,750 / $257,750, respectively. The difference between the Gross Amount and Net amount represents closing costs which includes items such as legal fees, appraisals, brokerage fees, etc. (“Fees”). The APR will increase / decrease in the event of higher / lower Fees. Once again, thank you for your consideration.

    • Amortizations may range from 5-30 years.
    • Borrowers may be required to pay legal, title and valuation services, and insurance as determined by the financial institution.
    • Any additional amounts for said required services will affect the effective equivalent rates upward.
    • Stated rates are subject to conventional approval requirements, property types and lending areas.
    • Rates are subject to change without notice at any time.
    • Rates are fixed unless otherwise stated as variable. Mortgages are locked in for the term stated.
    • Mortgages may be subject to early repayment penalties
    • Applicable to new deals only. Rates can be changed or withdrawn at any time.
    • Rate commitment period is available for up to 90 or 120 days from the date of application.